Penley Golf Shafts

Carter Penley has been helping champion golfers for decades. Specifically on the Long Driver Tour, Penley Golf Shafts have been the prefered shaft for the big hitters. Formally and aerospace engineer, Mr. Penley uses the very best materials and composites to gain an edge on his competitors. Made in the U.S.A, he now has a new line of shafts for the “Everyday Golfer”.

The Ready 2 Play Shaft line is perfect for the everyday golfer. Penley Golf Shafts is all about making the very best for everyone. The Ready 2 Play Shafts are simple. Just give the staff some information about who you are and your golf swing, they will ship you a golf shaft for your Driver in a couple of days and with the adjustable adaptor sleeve, you are able to install the Shaft on your driver by yourself. It truly is READY 2 PLAY! It doesn’t matter which driver you play because the Ready 2 Play product line as the ability to fit all 5 of the leading manufacurers in the industry. 


– Penley ET2 Shaft with proper spine alignment
– Adjustable Adapter Sleeve accurately aligned, installed and bonded
– Penley Pure Grip
– Free Shipping