The Delta Dueler, from, is a putting game that can lower your scores. It is a fun and functional way to improve your putting game indoors and outdoors while competing with your friends in a simple game. Delta Dueler is a play on the classic game of Shuffleboard. The rules are somewhat the same as the object of the game is to score as many points as possible while blocking or knocking off your opponents pucks. While there are different difficulties to the tiles, the Delta Dueler can be used on any flat surface (indoor or outdoor) and offers a fun entertainment for the professional golfer or the amateur golfer.



Along with the game, you get to work on your game anytime anywhere. With the Delta Trainer you can bring your training routine on the road with you and work on your short game in the hotel room or while you are on vacation. The same as the game, the pucks will give you instant feedback on your stroke and it is designed to feel like a real green.

  • INSTANT FEEDBACKGet instant feedback on your stroke path and putter face position at impact…KEEP IT FROM SPINNING!
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF – Challenge yourself with amateur, pro and tour training as the pucks give you different feels depending on your skill level.
  • PUTTING IS FUN – Make putting fun again by engaging in games for all ages and skill levels. Make instant adjustments and improvements in your game.
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