The PowerChute 360 is a training aid and a fitness system all built into one device. Golfers are using the PowerChute 360 to hit the ball farther and increase accuracy off the tee. With very easy installation, the PowerChute can breakdown and be assembled in seconds!

Proven to add more yards off the tee, this device is the perfect trainer to increase speeds and accruacy with just a couple of swings. The wind resistance aspect of the device allows golfers to increase muscle strength and improves body rotation and balance. As you use the PowerChute 360, you will create more and more momentum and lag in order to accelerate the swing…giving you more speed! One of the most important parts of the golf swing is being in “Sync”. If you are using the PowerChute correctly, you will feel the wind resistance through your swing. If your swing is out of sync, the amount of wind resistance will go down dramatically.




Similar to a baseball player who uses a weighted donut in the on-deck circle, the PowerChute 360 can be used the same way. Using this prior to your first tee (whether on the range or right before you tee off) will start firing those “Fast Twitch Muscles” giving you a faster club speed and ball speed! On top of that, it will create amazing muscle memory right before you tee off!

LOW IMPACT GOLF EXERCISE – The PowerChute 360 creates wind resistance for low impact training, that you can do in the comfort of your own home, minimizing the forces placed on your body and joints.

BENEFITS – The benefits of using this devices as a fitness device are:

  • Low impact stretching and core flexibility.
  • Works the core muscles, wrists and forearms
  • Builts strength and endurance without stress to the body.

SWING PLACE OPTIMIZATION – Most of the problems in the golf swing are the “over-the-top” or “Casting” motions creating a innconsistent swing from tee 1 to tee 18. The PowerChute 360 can put a golfer in sync, giving you an increase in accuracy.


  • Increase clubhead speed and drivng distance
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Increase lag and consistent contact
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