The Swing Jacket is a popular training aid in the world of golf. It claims to help golfers improve their swing and hit the ball straighter. To get a better understanding of how effective the Swing Jacket is, we asked a few golfers to try it out for themselves. Here’s what they had to say:

Dave’s Experience

Dave, one of the golfers who tried the Swing Jacket, identified that his swing path comes a little from the outside and he tends to scoop the ball. This results in a high right shot, which he has been fighting against his whole life. However, when he put on the Swing Jacket and took a couple of swings, he noticed a significant improvement. He started hitting tight draws, something he hadn’t seen since he was 18 years old. Impressed with the results, Dave expressed his desire to share the Swing Jacket with his friends who face similar issues with their swings.

A Solution for Slicers

Another golfer mentioned that the biggest problem that many golfers, especially as they get older, face is slicing the ball. He estimates that about eight out of ten golfers slice the ball rather than fade it. The Swing Jacket, according to him, is a device that can help golfers learn how to hit the ball straight or with a draw. He believes it would be beneficial to use the Swing Jacket during practice sessions and, if allowed, even on the golf course.

Slowing Down and Focusing

One golfer mentioned that the Swing Jacket helped him slow things down and focus more on having fun and the ball. By wearing the jacket, he was able to go through his swing motion with more concentration and hit the ball straight. He appreciated having an instructor to help him with his swing, but also liked the fact that he could practice with the Swing Jacket anytime he wanted.

Positive Impact on Confidence

Overall, the golfers who tried the Swing Jacket had positive experiences with it. They noticed improvements in their swing and felt more confident about their game. The Swing Jacket helped them address specific swing issues, such as a path coming from the outside or scooping the ball. It also provided a solution for golfers who struggle with slicing the ball.


The feedback from the golfers who tried the Swing Jacket indicates that it can be an effective training aid for improving swing mechanics and hitting the ball straighter. Whether it’s addressing specific swing issues or helping golfers overcome slicing, the Swing Jacket seems to have a positive impact on players’ confidence and overall game. If you’re looking to improve your swing and hit the ball more accurately, the Swing Jacket may be worth considering.


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