What are you looking for in a putter? Here is one of our Best Putter Reviews. Are you a blade player or a mallet player? We put these four golf companies to the test to see what amatuer golfers think! Let’s find out which company comes out on top between Argolf, Cleveland, Bloodline and Optic Z!


When it comes to putters, there are a few things we like to look for when grading out putters.

1. Setup – When you first pick up a putter, the first thing that you is lay it on the ground and see what it looks like when you look down at it. Are you in a good position as it relates to your grip and ball position?

2. Weight – The very next thing we do is take a couple of practice swings to see how it feels in our hand. A lot of putters are different with their weighting so it is super important to get a putter that feels good through the stroke.

3. Impact – The very last thing you do when you pick up a putter is hit a few shots to get a feel for the impact. Does it keep it on-line or do you have to change something to keep the putter head square.


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Argolf is a very unique golf company that builds high-quaity putters that look great! They have the ability to fit you into Blades, Half Mallets, Mallets, Arm-locked Putters and Long Putters. Their unique designs give you a different visual when you look down at it during setup, but that is also what makes them so great!


Cleveland has consistently been at the top when it comes to putters because of their rich history and innovative technology! We used both the blade and the mallet of the Huntington Beach line and found that the technology on the face gives you a very consistent roll that really gives you confidence that it will go straight.


We had to put Bloodline Golf in the Top Four Putters of 2020 just because it can stand up on it’s own. With the unique technology and the super light shaft, the Bloodline’s allow you step away from your ball, check alignment and then step back up and hit your shot. Even with the extremely light shaft, the head feels very crisp at impact and has high MOI.


When it comes to putters, there are not a lot of companies that can rival the ability to look down and know the putter is going to do what you want it to do. You feel very comfortable when you stand over it and the alignment tools built in give you extreme confidence to hit it on the line you are looking at.

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