Club Path and Strike

Dale Abraham begins by addressing a common issue in chipping – going inside and rolling the club too far behind. This can lead to inconsistent strikes, resulting in thin or fat shots. To rectify this, Abraham advises a straighter club path. He demonstrates the correct technique, emphasizing the importance of keeping the club on a straighter path during the backswing.

Distance Control

Next, Abraham focuses on distance control during chipping . He explains that getting too close to the ball can cause the hands to go out and result in hitting the ball off the handle. To avoid this, Abraham suggests standing about a foot away from the ball. This allows for better control and prevents mishits.

Adjusting Club Face and Loft

Dale Abraham also addresses the issue of a closed club face. He suggests opening the club face slightly by holding it up and then gripping it. This adjustment helps to ensure a more open club face at address, which can lead to better ball flight and control.

Furthermore, Abraham recommends using a sand wedge to achieve more stopping power. The higher loft of a sand wedge allows for a softer landing and a shorter roll. This can be particularly useful when faced with challenging greens or when trying to stop the ball quickly.


Adjusting Swing Aggressiveness

Lastly, Dale Abraham discusses adjusting swing aggressiveness based on the grass conditions. If the grass is growing against you, he advises swinging more aggressively to ensure the club gets through the grass without the ball traveling too far. This adjustment helps to maintain control and prevent the ball from overshooting the target.

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