Devan Bonebrake: Junior Golf Tips

Devan Bonebrake, from Carlsbad, CA, gives us several golf drills that you can do to help your junior golfer get better while having fun!

Part of the Golf Channel Academy, Devan Bonebrake was recently named to Golf Digest’s list of “Best Young Teachers in America”. He is here to show us a couple of drills that can really help your junior golfer/s (specifically in the short game areas).

The first drill is called “Leave it in the Attic.”  A drill to help with speed control and lag putting 10, 20, 30 feet from the hole. The second is the “Ladder Drill.” This helps with learning your chipping distances. If you are able to chip the golf ball in the designated areas between the clubs, you can chip on any green on any course with greens soft or firm. Last is the “Spiral Putting Drill,” to help with making those short putts! Check out all these drills and use them next time you are out on the course.


  • “Best Young Teacher in America” (Top teachers under 40)
  • Worked with Chuck Cook, Hank Haney, Mike Bender and Jim McLean
  • PGA TOUR PLAYERS: Greg Norman, Keegan Bradley and Lexi Thompson
  • Played college golf at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA

Devan Bonebrake