Dave Pelz, the legendary short game guru, gives us a great tip on why it is important to hold your finish AFTER your putting stroke. Eliminate your three-putts with this tip!

For 40 years, Dave Pelz has been involved in the game of golf in one way or another. Throughout his years, he has been known as the Short Game Guru, with wedge play and putting, perfecting and teaching the short game side of golf. From top tour professionals like Patrick Reed to Phil Mickelson and the famous flop shot or awesome putters like Tom Kite, Pelz has coached and worked with golf’s best! He also has developed his own golf school called Pelz Golf where he teaches the art of the short game and reading greens!

Habits and Learning

Pelz emphasizes the importance of forming good habits when putting. He states, “You can’t think your way through putting strokes. You may be able to sometimes on the practice screen, when the pressure’s on, your stroke will be made out of habit.”

Avoiding Bad Habits

Pelz also warns against developing bad habits. He explains, “A lot of golfers do [pulling the putter back after impact], but that can degenerate into recoil. It means deceleration before impact. As most of you know, you need to accelerate through impact. You’ve got to tell the putt where to go.”




LEE JENZEN – 1998 U.S. Open Champion
TOM KITE – 1992 U.S. Open Champion
PHIL MICKELSON – ’04; ’06; ’10 Masters, ’05 PGA Championship, ’13 Open Championship
PATRICK REED – 2018 Masters
VIJAY SINGH – ’98;’04 PGA Championship, ’00 Masters

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