Dr. David Wright shows you how the placement of your putting grip will impact everything from your core rotation to the path you take to the golf ball.  This putting tip will break down your power grip and where your pressure point is for the most effective putter swing. We all have things that we need to work on with the putting stroke.  One thing for sure is, you are always working on it! Just like anything else, you have to go out and grind away at putting to be a good putter.  But if you grind away using bad technique, progress will come to a screeching halt.

Golfers of all levels can benefit from understanding the importance of proper hand placement on the putter. In this video, Dr. David Wright and Jay demonstrate how the placement of your hands on the putter can impact your core rotation and path.



Golf Life is always trying to find new putting tips for golfers of all ages and abilities so we can all be better on the putting surface.  Dr. David Wright really breaks down the process so that you can go out and grind, and ultimately start creating those good habits we are all looking for.   One thing that many people tweak in their swing is the proper grip. Many people don’t know what the “proper grip” should look like.  Take a look at the video above and start feeling comfortable and confidence using this proper grip Dr. David Wright is talking about.

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