There is no question that Dave Pelz is one of the best, if not THE BEST, at teaching the art of the short game. Marc Albert, who is the Senior Instructor at the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools gives us a great tip on how to control your lag putting with speed control.



For Amateur golfers, lag putting is an essential tool to posting a decent card. Most of the time, if you are like me, you always seem to find yourself on the wrong side of the green with a long birdie putt ahead of you. With a 3-putt almost guaranteed, you try to hit it up there in hopes you get close enough to get lucky on the par putt. If this is you, Marc Albert has a great tip on how you can get better at lag putting and it starts with speed control. Here are the three steps to being successful at lag putting and speed control.




  • HOLD YOUR FINISH – Hold your finish until the ball comes to rest. What this will allow is a reference point to the size of the stroke that you are using or the length putt that you are practicing. Your held finish will give you feedback on what size of stroke you need for a certain length putt.

  • APPLY YOUR RHYTHM – One great tool to use when putting is a metronome. This tool will allow you to create a rhythm in your swing to allow for a more consistent back and through stroke. This will increase your speed control and consistency on the greens.
  • LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES – Having the patience to sit on a putting green and see what your flaws are go a long way in making you a more consistent (and better) putter.
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