Tina Tombs has been around the game of golf her whole life. After a solid professional career on the LPGA, she decided to take up the coach professional and hasn’t looked back. She is a two time recipient of the LPGA National Teacher of the year award for her outstanding track record in lessons and golf clinics. In 2020, Tina Tombs was inducted into the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame based on her playing career at ASU as well as the LPGA and her passion to help golfers get better at the game.

As the founder and President of Tina Tombs Golf at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, she holds the role of Director of Instruction, as well as carries out the responsibility to implement all of the education and teaching programs at the Tina Tombs Golf Learning Center.

These programs include private lessons, women’s programs, adult programs and junior programs. While scheduling through the year one day-three day schools for all ages. These highly sought after programs are designed to benefit the students and provide a well-rounded and individually structured education that implements The Ultimate Golf Lesson Screenings and follows the LPGA Teaching Programs.

Alissa visited Tina Tombs to get some help with her swing. Tina used a pressure mat to get a better understanding of what was happening from the ground up.

What is a Pressure Mat?

A pressure mat is a device that measures the pressure applied to the ground by the feet. It is used to analyze the golfer’s stance and the energy and power generated from the ground up.

Alissa’s Swing

When the Tina Tombs first saw Alissa, her left hand grip was weak, her stance was narrow, and her right hip was too high. This caused the face of the club to be open and the path of the club to be left.

To fix this, Tina put a force pedal under the ball of Alissa’s left foot and a black board under her right foot. This allowed her to feel the ground and push into it as she rotated.

Tina also taught Alissa how to use the ground to her advantage. She encouraged her to take a divot and hit the ball hard. This gave Alissa more tools in her toolbox and empowered her to hit the ball further and straighter.

The Results

The pressure mat gave Alissa immediate feedback and allowed her to make changes quickly. After making the adjustments, Alissa hit the ball 10 yards further and the path and face of the club were both zero.



Using a pressure mat is a great way to improve your golf swing. It gives you immediate feedback and allows you to make changes quickly. With the right instruction, you can learn how to use the ground to your advantage and hit the ball further and straighter.

More About the V1 Sports Pressure Mat

The V1 Sports Pressure Mat is the most powerful and portable solution to measure pressures, velocity and dynamic forces in a golf swing. For those using V1 Pro, the pressure mat integrates seamlessly with the V1 Pro desktop app as well as the Ipad so you can use it on the range, the course and even the bunkers. There are three different ground forces you need to consume yourself with and the V1 Sports Pressure Mat gives amazing data regarding these pressures:

  1. Center Pressure – The center-of-pressure (CoP) chart shows the CoP location and movement trace, and percent distribution lead to trail foot, and heel to toe.
  2. Dynamic Vertical Force – The dynamic vertical force chart measures the change in the amount of ground reaction force throughout the golf swing.
  3. COP Velocity – This CoP velocity chart displays the rate or speed of movement of the center-of-pressure during the golf swing.


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