The Junior Director of the Tina Tombs Golf Academy, Ryan Tombs has developed into a great young teacher in the Phoenix, AZ area. Ryan is US Kids Certified and is working on other certifications like AimPoint and BioSwing. With his culmination of knowledge and experience, he has been helping a lot of golfers learn to have fun with golf and improve their skills.

After playing collegiate golf at Bryant University in New Hampshire, Ryan made his way to AZ to teach the game he loves.

In this short game lesson, Ryan takes us through a greenside chip and how golfers don’t really see the course the way that they should. Check this lesson out and see if it can help you on your next round.

In this video Ryan Tombs joins us to discuss a short pitch shot. He explains the two options: flopping it up there or bumping it into the hill. He explains why he chose the latter and how to do it.

Taking the Low Road

Ryan Tombs starts off with a nine iron in his hand and says that he doesn’t have a great opportunity to get the ball to go high in the air. He explains that he is going to take the low road and bump it up into the hill. He gets his feet close together and puts 70% of the pressure on his front foot. He keeps the grip down and do a nice little putting stroke and finds a nice spot on the upslope in front of him to get the ball to bump in and take some of the heat off it.

Why the Nine Iron?

Ryan explains that he chose the nine iron because it still has a little bit of loft on it and that it will still go a little bit high in the air, but it will give him the option of the ball rolling out. He explains that if he was to try to do this with a sand wedge, especially in Arizona, if he hit it short of the green, the ball would grab and not get up the hill.

Flop Shot Option

Ryan explains that on the PGA Tour, the greens are fast and if you miss your distance, the ball will run 10-15 feet. He sees a lot of amateur players wanting to hit the flop shot, but it’s not really functional for this situation. He explains that if he moves a little bit behind the ball or hits it a little thin, the ball will go 30 plus feet by the hole.



Ryan Tombs gives us a great insight into how to approach a short pitch shot. He explains why he chose the nine iron and how to bump it into the hill. He also explains why the flop shot is not the best option in this situation.


Tina Tombs golf provides well-rounded and individual tailored instruction to help you elevate your skills and add enjoyment to the great game that is golf!

Born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1962, and raised in Bedford, NH. Tina is married to Larry Fischer and has two daughters: Sarah and Heidi. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Physical Education and a Minor in Anatomy and Physiology. She is the founder and President of Tina Tombs Golf, LLC at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club in Phoenix Arizona. Tina Tombs Golf was established in 2002.

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