Have you ever heard that when you putt to control distance, you’re going to take the putter back at the same speed, but you’re just going to vary the length of the back swing to control how far the ball goes? According to PGA Tour coach Shawn Cox, this is not correct.


  • Golf Professional of the Year – Southern California PGA 2018
  • Horton Smith Award – Southern California PGA, 2016, San Diego PGA, 2015
  • Golf Professional of the Year – San Diego PGA, 2013
  • Merchandiser of the Year – Shawn Cox, Southern California PGA, 2011


Cox explains that there is something called resonance in the timing and tempo of your stroke. He suggests practicing constant motion swings to get a feel for the right tempo. If you take the putter back too slow, you will be gripping too tight. If you try to do it too fast, you will feel a shock in your stomach.


Cox also suggests using a metronome to help you learn the right tempo. The average for PGA Tour players is 68 beats per minute. If you set the metronome to 68 beats, you can take the putter back on a beat and hit it at a beat. This will help you learn to control how far your ball goes.



In conclusion, there are two ways to learn how to change the speed of your stroke in order to match the distance that you want to go. Constant motion practice swings and using a metronome set at 68 beats per minute. With practice, you can learn to control how far your ball goes.


Cox is the Director of Golf at the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, CA. Since he stepped into this position in 2006, Shawn Cox has launched programs including the Grand Golf Performance Academy which has cutting-edge technology and training aids. Prior to the Grand Golf Club, Shawn served as the Assistant Head Pro at La Jolla Country Club and Torrey Pines! He has also been very instrumental in bringing Junior Golf to the San Diego area!


The more technology we use in golf instruction it just proves the swing should be based on an athletic motion. This is why professionals make it look so effortless. My goal is to use the tools in my toolbox to bring out your inner athlete.

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