It’s hard to believe that at the age of 14, Nick Faldo was watching the 1971 Master in his home and had never picked up a golf club before in his life. In the next three years, he was an amateur on the British Tour and six years later he would be the youngest player to qualify for the Ryder Cup. Now, today, Sir Nick Faldo is a 6-time major champion with more that 40 tournament wins.

Nick Faldo has some simple tips to help you improve your putting. In this video, Faldo explains how to get the mechanics of your stroke right, boost your confidence, and read the putt.

Getting the Mechanics Right

Faldo explains that the most important part of the mechanics is the shoulders. They should be parallel to the line on the green. He also suggests that the ball should be just below your eyes, and that you should rock the shoulders back and through to create a pendulum motion.

Boosting Confidence

Faldo recommends keeping the putt short, at around six feet from the hole, to boost your confidence. He also suggests counting to help maintain a steady tempo.

Reading the Putt

Faldo explains that the putt should be read as if it is straight, even if it has a curve. He suggests using knitting needles and elasticated string to help you understand the line of the putt.



Nick Faldo’s tips are simple and easy to follow. By following his advice, you can get the mechanics of your stroke right, boost your confidence, and read the putt. With practice, you can become a better putter and improve your game.


Created in 1996 the Faldo Series aims to create access to the sport for a younger audience through grass-roots initiatives at its tournaments. Annually 5,000 boys and girls aged 12 – 21 have the opportunity to play WAGR events that allow them to test their games around the world. The age category winners at each tournament will receive an invite to join Sir Nick at one of the Grand Final’s in Europe, Asia and North America.

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