Eileen Kelly began playing golf much later in life. Prior to Golf, she trained at an elite ballet studio for 14 years and it was not until she began college when she chose to take up the game of golf seriously. She became addicted to the game because found that there were a lot of similarities that paralleled to her ballet training. Kelly discovered that although it is extremely technical, you still have to use your feel and that it requires extreme dedication, determination and diligence.

Alissa Kacar sat down with Eileen Kelly to talk more about her Golf Life!


Eileen’s Background

Eileen’s father tried to encourage her to take up golf when she was young, but she wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until she finished her ballet career that she realized golf had a lot of similarities in training and she fell in love with it. She played her first golf tournament at the age of 20 and got a scholarship to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

The Future of Golf for Women

With the rise of social media, Eileen is grateful that the game of golf for females has grown a lot. She believes that with the help of social media, golf has become more accessible and attractive to women.

Getting Involved

Eileen believes that the best way for women to get involved in the game is to find a great local golf course and join a women’s clinic. She believes that clinics are a great way for women of similar skill sets to get involved in playing with each other and to learn the game.



In July 2008 Eileen played in her first golf tournament, she made the cut and broke 80 for the first time. This fueled her drive to continue her progression given that she had only been working on her game for one year. Due to her performance at this event she was offered a golf scholarship to the University of British Columbia.

Eileen’s golf game has continued to improve each year, evident in the drop of her handicap from a 36 to a +1 since 2007. Over the past 5 years as a professional golfer, she has competed on the Australian women’s tour which is co-sanctioned with the European tour, Thai LPGA and more recently the LPGA.

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