Aimee Cho is a former touring golf professional, who is currently an LPGA Class A teaching professional. She has dedicated her energy to helping golfers all around the world. To build a beautiful, powerful, and injury-free golf swing! She is one of the well-known golf teachers online world-wide. Her vibrant & optimistic energy makes the learning experience truly enjoyable. Please sit back and enjoy improving your golf game with Aimee!

After an early injury Aimee Cho moved to teaching golf through television.  When she stopped her lessons their the fans wanted her to continue so she created a successful YouTube channel and created In this she also talks about her excitement in seeing younger people and females starting to join the game of golf more.  Through 2022 Aimee was picked up as a Korean reported for the PGA Tour and works with the Golf channel.



MPSWING.COM is all about maximizing your power and accuracy through the golf swing. Simplifying the swing so you can prevent injury. She has a lot of great golf content on her website that is sure to help you!

Dive into her robust data base of golf lesson and tips to help you score better next round. The great thing about Aimee Cho is that all of her videos are in English and Korean so pick what you want and start getting better!

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