Alissa recently had the pleasure of interviewing Bri Teresi, a new golfer who has been playing for only one year. Bri shared her story of how she got into golf, her favorite club, her dream foursome, her favorite golf clothing brand, and her favorite 19th hole drink.

Bri Teresi’s Golf Journey

Bri’s journey into golf began when she was asked to do a photo shoot with a friend who was a photographer. She was hesitant at first, since she had no experience with golf, but her friend convinced her to give it a try. After the photo shoot, Bri was inspired to learn the game and has been golfing nearly every day since.

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Fun and Challenges of Golf

Bri has found that the most fun part of golf is meeting new people and the challenge of learning the game. She has learned that golf is not easy and that it takes time to become a professional golfer. Despite the challenge, Bri loves the journey of golf and the challenge it brings.



Alissa was thrilled to have Bri on the show and to hear her story with the game of golf. Bri’s enthusiasm for the game is inspiring and her journey is sure to motivate others to take up the sport.

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