In this video, golf expert Mike Davis discusses a simple yet effective chipping drill that can help improve your game. Many golfers struggle with their chipping technique, but by following Mike’s instructions, you can develop a more consistent and reliable stroke.

Setup and Technique

Mike Davis emphasizes the importance of a proper setup for a successful chip shot. He advises placing the ball by your right foot and tilting your head towards your left foot. This positioning creates a straight line down your left arm and the shaft of the club. With your hands under your chin, you are ready to execute the chip shot.

One common mistake in chipping is trying to manipulate the club with your hands instead of relying on your body rotation and arm swing. Mike recommends focusing on your shoulder rotation and allowing your arms to swing naturally. By avoiding manipulation, you can achieve more consistency in your shots.

Another common issue Mike observes in chipping is golfers setting up too far forward, which leads to difficulty in making solid contact with the ball. When the hands are too far ahead of the chin, the arms tend to go up instead of turning, or the golfer has to lift the arms and stick them down to compensate. Alternatively, setting up too far forward creates a steep angle, making it challenging to swing through the ball smoothly.

To avoid these problems, Mike Davis recommends a specific setup for chipping. Place your hands under your chin, position the ball by your right foot, and lean slightly forward. This setup allows for a slight descending blow, which is ideal for chip shots. By practicing this technique, you can improve your consistency and accuracy around the green.

Practice Drill

When practicing chipping, Mike Davis suggests using a drill that simulates real on-course situations. Rather than hitting from one spot to one hole, he prefers hitting from one spot to multiple holes or playing to one hole with balls in different spots around the green. This drill helps replicate the variety of shots you encounter during a round of golf.



Improving your chipping technique is crucial for lowering your scores in golf. By following Mike Davis’s advice on setup, body rotation, and practice drills, you can develop a more consistent and reliable chipping stroke. Remember to focus on your shoulder rotation, avoid manipulating the club with your hands, and practice with a goal-oriented mindset. With dedication and practice, you can become a more confident and skilled chipper on the golf course.

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