In this video, Chuck Cook shares some valuable tips for improving your chip shots. If you’ve been struggling with hitting your chip shots fat or thin, it could be because you’re trying to scoop or lift the ball onto the green. Instead, you need to learn to hit down on the ball. Chuck Cook suggests a helpful exercise to develop this skill.

Placing a head cover for better chip shots

A good exercise Chuck Cook shows here to improve your chip shots is to place a head cover about a grip length behind the ball. This will serve as a visual aid to help you understand the correct angle of attack. By positioning the head cover in this way, you can train yourself to hit down on the ball and avoid scooping or lifting it.

Proper setup and execution

To execute this exercise, follow these steps:

  1. Take your setup with the ball in its normal position.
  2. Lean slightly to the left, allowing your club to go above the head cover.
  3. Then, focus on hitting down into the ball, rather than trying to scoop or lift it.
  4. This downward strike will help you pinch the ball against the ground, resulting in solid and crisp chip shots.

By practicing this exercise regularly, you can train your body to develop the correct muscle memory for hitting down on the ball. Over time, this will lead to more consistent and accurate chip shots.



If you’re struggling with your chip shots, it’s important to understand the proper technique of hitting down on the ball. As Chuck Cook explained, by using a head cover as a visual aid and practicing the correct setup and execution, you can improve your chip shots and achieve better results on the green.

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