In this video, Craig Stadler demonstrates how to effectively chip downhill. Many amateur golfers struggle with this shot, often feeling intimidated by the slope and the potential for the ball to roll too far. Stadler provides valuable tips and techniques to help golfers overcome their fears and execute a successful chip shot.

The Challenge of Chipping Downhill

Stadler begins by acknowledging that chipping downhill can be a nightmare for amateur golfers. When faced with a shot from an elevated tee to a green below, the sight of water can be overwhelming. In an attempt to ensure they clear the water, many amateurs choose to use a club with more loft, such as a pitching wedge, rather than a sand wedge.

The Importance of Using a Sand Wedge

Stadler emphasizes the importance of using a sand wedge, specifically a 60-degree wedge, for downhill chip shots. He explains that hitting the ball with a pitching wedge, which has less loft, can result in the ball rolling too far and ending up in the water. By using a sand wedge, golfers can get more air on the ball and have it land softly on the green, reducing the risk of it rolling too far.

Proper Technique for Chipping Downhill

To execute a successful downhill chip shot, Stadler advises golfers to adjust their stance and club placement. He recommends placing the ball just inside the left toe and positioning the hands in front of the ball. By doing so, golfers can get more loft on the shot and prevent the sand wedge from turning into a pitching wedge with less loft.

Stadler also emphasizes the importance of keeping the weight on the left side and avoiding excessive leg movement or weight shift. By maintaining a stable base and focusing on lifting the ball in the air, golfers can achieve a soft landing on the green.



Chipping downhill can be a daunting task for amateur golfers, but with the right approach and technique, it can become a manageable shot. Craig Stadler’s tips and insights provide valuable guidance for golfers looking to improve their skills in this challenging aspect of the game. By using a sand wedge, adjusting the stance, and focusing on a soft landing, golfers can overcome their fears and execute successful downhill chip shots.

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