In this short video lesson, Mag Scheller shares a valuable tip for improving your chip shots in golf. He explains the importance of positioning your chest ahead of the ball at setup to achieve better contact and accuracy. Let’s dive into the details of this chip tip.

Positioning your chest ahead of the ball

Mag Scheller begins by highlighting a common mistake in chip shots. He demonstrates a setup where his chest is behind the ball, resulting in an upward swing path. This incorrect positioning leads to inconsistent shots and a lack of control.

To rectify this, Scheller advises golfers to position their chest ahead of the ball at setup. By doing so, the shaft of the club is placed on a descending angle, creating a unified line between the shaft and the left arm. This alignment is crucial for a solid impact and a successful shot.

Hitting down and through the ball

Scheller emphasizes the importance of hitting down and through the ball, rather than trying to hit up on it. With the chest ahead of the ball, the shaft leans forward as it moves towards impact. This forward lean allows for a clean strike on the ball, sending it forward towards the target.

Maintaining the setup position

Mag Scheller emphasizes that once the correct setup position is achieved, golfers should aim to maintain it throughout the swing. By keeping the chest ahead of the ball and moving the club on the same descending angle, golfers can consistently make solid contact with the ball and send it towards the target.



In this short chip tip lesson, Mag Scheller highlights the importance of positioning the chest ahead of the ball at setup. This simple adjustment allows for a descending angle of the shaft, resulting in better contact and accuracy. By hitting down and through the ball, golfers can achieve consistent and successful chip shots. Remember to maintain the setup position throughout the swing for optimal results.

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