In this video, we will be discussing a chipping technique taught by Tonya McCall, a respected short game instructor in the Houston area. Tonya provides a great way to improve your chipping with the pocket to pocket drill, which can greatly impact your overall golf game. So let’s dive in and learn from her expertise.

The Long Putt Approach

Tonya recommends thinking of chipping as hitting a long putt. Instead of taking the club all the way back, she advises taking it just past your waist, just past the pocket, and then following through. This technique allows for a more controlled and consistent chip shot.

Pocket to Pocket Drill

Tonya emphasizes the importance of going “pocket to pocket ” in your chipping technique. This means taking the club just past your waist and just past your pocket, and then following through. By focusing on this simple drill, you can let the club do the work for you and improve your chipping accuracy. Once you have mastered the pocket to pocket technique with one club, Tanya suggests changing clubs to vary the distance and roll of your chip shots.

Choosing the Right Club

To determine which club to use for your chip shots, Tonya recommends placing a tee or a head cover on the green and practicing landing each club in the same spot. This will help you gauge how far each club rolls out from that point. By experimenting with different clubs and observing the results, you can develop a better understanding of which club to use in different situations.



Tonya McCall’s “Pocket to Pocket” chipping technique offers a simple and effective way to improve your chipping game. By focusing on a controlled swing that goes just past your waist and pocket, you can achieve more consistent and accurate chip shots. Additionally, by changing clubs and practicing with different landing spots, you can develop a better feel for distance and roll. So, give this technique a try and see how it can elevate your chipping skills on the golf course.

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