In this video, Dr. Jim Suttie shares a valuable tip for amateurs struggling with a difficult greenside chip shot from the rough. The challenge is to stop the ball quickly on the green despite the rough terrain. Dr. Suttie demonstrates a technique using a high lofted club, specifically a 56-degree sand wedge, to achieve this shot successfully.

The Difficulty of the Shot

Dr. Suttie acknowledges that this particular shot (greenside chip) can be quite challenging for amateurs. The key is to hit the grass with the bottom of the club, known as the bounce, rather than the leading edge. By doing so, the ball will be lifted over the rough and land softly on the green.

Dr. Suttie demonstrates this technique by taking a swing and successfully executing the shot. He emphasizes the importance of hitting the grass before the ball and using the bounce of the club to lift the ball out of the rough.



If you find yourself facing a difficult greenside chip shot from the rough, Dr. Jim Suttie’s technique can help you achieve a successful outcome. By using a high lofted club, opening the clubface, aiming left of the hole, and focusing on swinging up and down, you can hit the ball softly onto the green and stop it quickly. Practice this technique and see the improvement in your short game.

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