In this video, we discuss the topic of spin in golf and how to achieve it effectively. Many amateurs believe that in order to generate spin on the ball, they need to swing down or steeply at the golf ball. However, this is a common misconception. Spin is actually created by three key factors: crisp contact, clubhead speed, and a slightly open club face. In this video, professional golfer Jim Furyk demonstrates how to generate spin and control distance on a shot. Let’s dive in and learn from the expert himself.

Opening the Club Face

To increase spin on a shot, Jim Furyk advises opening the club face. By doing so, you can not only enhance the spin but also allow yourself to swing the club harder to achieve the desired distance. Opening the club face creates more loft, which contributes to generating spin. It’s important to note that the amount of spin will also depend on the quality of contact and the speed of the clubhead.

Controlling Distance with Rhythm

Furyk disagrees with the common teaching of abbreviating the backswing and through swing to control distance. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of rhythm. In the example he gives, the shot is 50 yards, but it’s uphill and into the wind, making it play closer to 60 yards. Furyk’s full swing goes 80 yards, so he calculates that a 75% swing would be appropriate for this shot.



In this article, we learned from professional golfer Jim Furyk about generating spin and controlling distance on a golf shot. Furyk debunked the misconception that swinging down or steeply is necessary to create spin. Instead, he highlighted the importance of crisp contact, clubhead speed, and a slightly open club face. Opening the club face allows for more spin and the ability to swing harder for increased distance. Furyk also emphasized the significance of rhythm in controlling distance. By understanding these techniques, golfers can improve their spin and distance control on the course.

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