Jeff Yurkiewicz shares his expertise on different types of pitch shots in golf. In this video, we will focus on the low pitch shot and the techniques involved in executing it effectively.

The Low Pitch Shot

When faced with the option of hitting a low pitch shot, a medium pitch shot, or a high soft pitch shot, Jeff Yurkiewicz explains that the key to a low trajectory pitch shot lies in the setup. He emphasizes the importance of setting the shaft angle forward and maintaining that position at impact. Additionally, moving closer to the golf ball can help achieve a low running pitch shot.

One fundamental aspect to remember when attempting a low pitch shot is to hit down into the golf ball. Jeff Yurkiewicz highlights that many golfers make the mistake of trying to lift the ball in the air, resulting in chunky shots or thin shots. By hitting down into the ball, you can achieve a clean and controlled shot.

The Mid Pitch Shot

Moving on to the medium pitch shot, Jeff explains that the setup for this shot is fairly basic. The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance, with the shaft angle straight up from the ball. The key here, as with the low pitch shot, is to hit down on the ball to create spin. Avoid the temptation to lift or scoop the ball.

The High Soft Pitch Shot

The high soft pitch shot, also known as the flop shot, is a shot that should be used sparingly. Jeff Yurkiewicz advises against relying on this shot too often. However, when needed, there are specific techniques to execute it effectively.

To set up for the high soft pitch shot, open the club face and move farther away from the ball. Aim the club face to where you want the ball to go, and then align your body accordingly. The ball should be positioned slightly more up in your stance. A bigger swing along your target line will help achieve the desired height and softness of the shot.



In this video, Jeff Yurkiewicz has provided valuable insights into different types of pitch shots in golf. The low pitch shot requires a forward shaft angle and hitting down into the ball. The medium pitch shot involves a basic setup with the ball in the middle of the stance and a straight shaft angle. The high soft pitch shot, or flop shot, requires an open club face, a bigger swing, and hitting down into the ball.

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