In this video, renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon shares his tips on how to handle a tight lie on the golf course. A tight lie refers to a situation where the ball is sitting on a hard surface with little grass underneath it, making it challenging to execute a clean shot. Butch demonstrates the proper technique and provides valuable insights to help golfers improve their performance in such situations.

Playing the Ball Back in Your Stance

When faced with a tight lie, Butch advises players to position the ball further back in their stance. By doing so, you can ensure cleaner contact with the ball and avoid hitting the ground before making contact. Additionally, he recommends keeping your hands ahead of the ball to promote a downward strike and prevent the club from bouncing off the hard surface.

Adjusting the Shaft Angle

To further optimize your shot from a tight lie, Butch suggests adjusting the shaft angle. He recommends making the shaft more vertical, which allows the toe of the club to rest on the ground. This setup helps to prevent the club from digging into the ground and allows for a cleaner strike on the ball.

Weight Forward and Chip Tightly

Butch emphasizes the importance of having your weight forward and chipping tightly around the grain when dealing with a tight lie. By shifting your weight towards the target and keeping it forward throughout the shot, you can maintain control and accuracy. Chipping tightly around the grain refers to the direction in which the grass is growing. By following the grain, you can ensure a smoother roll and avoid any unexpected bounces or deviations.

Good Posture

One of the key aspects Butch highlights is the importance of good posture and address when facing a tight lie. He advises golfers to keep their chin up, as lifting the chin helps to straighten the spine and create more room for a proper turn. On the other hand, hunching over with a chin down can restrict your ability to make a full and effective turn.



Handling a tight lie on the golf course can be challenging, but with the right technique and approach, you can improve your chances of executing a successful shot. Butch Harmon’s tips on playing the ball back in your stance, adjusting the shaft angle, keeping your weight forward, and maintaining good posture and address can help you navigate tight lies with confidence and precision.

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