In this video, golf legend Nick Faldo shares his insights on chipping and how to choose the right club for different distances. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your swing and the distances you can achieve with each club. By knowing your distances and swing strengths, you can make more informed decisions on the course and improve your overall game.

Choosing the Right Club

Nick Faldo suggests that instead of always using a sand wedge for short shots, it can be beneficial to use a pitching wedge and adjust your swing. He explains that by using a pitching motion with a pitching wedge, you can achieve better control and accuracy. This technique allows you to land the ball closer to your target.

Understanding Your Distances

To determine the appropriate swing for each club, Faldo recommends knowing the distances you can achieve with your different clubs. He shares his personal experience of knowing that his full swing with a sand wedge would cover around 80 to 85 yards and his 10:00 swing with his next club would cover the same distance. By understanding these distances, Faldo was able to make more precise shots and eliminate guesswork.

Covering Overlaps

Nick Faldo also discusses the importance of covering overlaps in distances. He explains that when faced with a shot that falls between two clubs, it’s helpful to have a plan. For example, if he needed to hit a shot that was around 86 yards, he would use his 54-degree wedge with a 10:00 swing. This allowed him to consistently achieve the desired distance.



Nick Faldo’s insights on chipping and club selection provide valuable guidance for golfers looking to improve their short game. By understanding your distances, experimenting with different swings, and having a plan for covering overlaps, you can enhance your control and accuracy on the course. So the next time you’re faced with a short shot, consider Faldo’s advice and choose the right club for the job.

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