Derek Nannen, of Eagle Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona, has a great tip for golfers looking to practice their driving. One thing that is very common with golfers is that they will go to the range and hit the same club all the time. Whether that is a driver or the trusty 7 iron, they don’t let go of them. Derek Nannen shows us a great driving range tip! He recommends mixing up the clubs you use and setting up two stations to practice.

Station One: Fundamentals

At the first station, Nannen recommends focusing on fundamentals like posture, setup, and ball position. He also suggests using the “three tees” drill to help you hit the middle of the club face.

The three tees drill involves setting up three tees in a row, and swinging through them. If you hit the middle tee, you know you’ve hit the middle of the club face. If you hit the outside tee, you know you’ve hit the toe of the club. If you hit the inside tee, you know you’ve hit the heel of the club.

Station Two: Mental Side of the Game

At the second station, Nannen recommends focusing on the mental side of the game. He suggests choosing a different target and walking through the entire process, from setup to execution to evaluation.



By setting up two stations and mixing up the clubs you use, you can practice your driving and improve your game.


Derek Nannen is a PGA Member, BodiTrak Instructor and conducts all the golf schools, private lessons and cooperate outing for Derek Nannen Golf as well as Eagle Mountain GC. Throughout his career in golf, he was able to win several tournaments, both on the amateur and professional level. Regardless of his career in golf, Nannen is willing and able to coach golfers of all skill levels. Whether that is juniors, high and low handicappers and/or professionals, he can get your game going in the right way in a fun and safe learning environment.

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