Derek Nannen is the Director on Instruction at the beautiful Eagle Mountain Golf Club and manages the #1 golf school and private golf instruction in the state of Arizona. He’s here to show us the proper way to deal with uneven lies, whether the ball is above or below your feet.

Uneven Lie Swing

Derek Nannen starts with the ball on an uneven lie above his feet. In this example he is 100 yards out. Instead of using a wedge, Nannen demonstrates that a lower lofted club will line up better with the pin from this lie. In this case Nannen uses an 8 iron. This also will help the player hit the center face more consistently.




Derek Nannen is a PGA Member, BodiTrak Instructor and conducts all the golf schools, private lessons and cooperate outing for Derek Nannen Golf as well as Eagle Mountain GC. Throughout his career in golf, he was able to win several tournaments, both on the amateur and professional level. Regardless of his career in golf, Nannen is willing and able to coach golfers of all skill levels. Whether that is juniors, high and low handicappers and/or professionals, he can get your game going in the right way in a fun and safe learning environment.


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