Having trouble at the tee box? Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the advice of golf instructor Dean Reinmuth. In this golf tip, Dean focuses on increasing clubhead speed and improving contact with the ball. Dean concentrates his efforts on the sound a club makes when swung properly. Just like you can dial in a certain feel, you can also dial in the sound your swing makes to help you know right away whether you were in front or behind your swing.

Increasing Clubhead Speed

The first step to increasing clubhead speed is to keep the right arm away from the body. As Dean Reinmuth explains, “If I keep my right arm close to my body here and I try to swing fast, I only can create so much energy. If I was going to hit my hand hard, I’d swing my arm up like this and then hit my hand.”

To practice this, Dean suggests swinging the right arm back like a right hand turn signal and then swinging the left arm up like a left hand turn signal. He cautions against getting the elbow up too high, as this will prevent the energy from coming down.

Improving Contact with the Ball

The next step is to focus on the sound of the clubhead as it swings. The goal is to create a long push sound as the clubhead squares up to the air. Once this sound is achieved, Dean suggests focusing on repeating the same sound when hitting the ball. He advises, “Get set up over the ball, focus on the horse. And if you do that, you’re going to hit a lot farther and more often more solid.”



By following Dean Reinmuth’s advice, golfers can increase their clubhead speed and improve their contact with the ball. With practice, golfers can achieve a longer, more powerful swing and hit the ball farther and more often.

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