Golf is a game of strategy, and the tee box is no exception. Dave Pelz, a renowned golf instructor, recently shared his advice on how to best approach the tee box. He talks about creating a strategy on every tee box you step up to.

Aiming for the Fairway

Pelz recommends that golfers should not just walk out to the center of the tee and hit the ball. Instead, Pelz suggests that golfers should move to the right edge of the tee and tee their ball up as close to the marker as they feel safe to do. Pelz also recommends that golfers who hit the ball from right to left should move to the left side of the tee.

Optimizing Results

Pelz believes that by optimizing the angle of the tee box, golfers can optimize their results. “I want you to learn to tee your ball up as close to the marker as you feel safe to do, because the closer you get to it, the better your angle is to hit this fairway,” he said.

“Optimize your angle, optimize your results, and we’re on our way to winning this major,” Pelz concluded.



By following Dave Pelz’s advice, golfers can optimize their tee box placement and increase their chances of success. With the right strategy, golfers can be on their way to winning their next major.

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