BatCaddy has been the leader in electric push carts for several years. The mission behind these push carts are to promote walking on the golf course. Established in 2004 in Long Island, NY, BatCaddy has cemented themselves as the premiere push cart company in the U.S. With over 15+ years of operations, they are here to serve you with all of your push cart needs!


Rugged and dependable. Our 200watt motor is built into a weather-proof, maintenance free, sealed housing that provides years of worry-free play. For the biggest bags and most daunting hills our dual-motor Bat-Caddys pack all the punch you will ever need.


Forget to charge your battery? No problem! All X3 Series and X4 Series are designed to be pushed when there is no power connected to your Bat-Caddy. With the power off the motors will spin freely allowing you to play your round without battery power. For a True Free-Wheel experience the X8 Series provides a quick release wheel that disengages completely from the motors.



More About BatCaddy

The electric push cart is electric and remote controlled with a unique balance of functionality, performance and quality. Here are a few features that are on the NEW X8R!

Fully Directional Remote Control gives you the freedom to Walk Like a Pro! The X8R also features True-Freewheel mode and comes standard with our Oversized Dual Anti-Tip Wheel, the “Mountain Slayer”, for even more stability on the course.

  • Fully Directional Remote-Control
  • Dual 200W quiet motors
  • 9 Forward and Reverse Speeds
  • Downhill Speed Control
  • Optional Manual Control
  • Cruise Control with Speed Recall
  • Battery level indicator
  • True Freewheel mode
  • Auto-timed distance control
  • USB port
  • “Mountain Slayer” Oversized Dual Anti-tip Wheel
  • Compatible with Caddy Seat
  • Basic Accessory Package (Umbrella/Scorecard/Drink Holders)


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