If you are struggling with your game, the first thing we suggest you do is consult a coach or instructor. The second thing you should do is develop a solid and consistent pre-shot routine. The pre-shot routine can help you do a couple of different things. Too many golfers don’t asses the situation when they get behind the ball. They look at what’s out in front, walk up to the ball and hit it. A pre-shot routine is a process in which you get your mind right and create a strategy that can help you be as successful as possible.

Creating that game plan in your mind will give you confidence and sense of calm before you hit the ball. With a pre-shot routine, you can save several strokes and better your score. Top Teacher Shawn Cox, from the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, CA gives us a great inside look at what an efficient and consistent pre-shot routine looks like.


Cox is the Director of Golf at the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, CA. Since he stepped into this position in 2006, Shawn Cox has launched programs including the Grand Golf Performance Academy which has cutting-edge technology and training aids. Prior to the Grand Golf Club, Shawn served as the Assistant Head Pro at La Jolla Country Club and Torrey Pines! He has also been very instrumental in bringing Junior Golf to the San Diego area!


Golf Professional of the Year – Southern California PGA 2018

Horton Smith Award – Southern California PGA, 2016, San Diego PGA, 2015

Golf Professional of the Year – San Diego PGA, 2013

Merchandiser of the Year – Shawn Cox, Southern California PGA, 2011


Pre-shot Routine
Get a golf lesson on developing your on pre-shot routine with Top 100 Golf Teacher Shawn Cox from The Grand Golf Club
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