Shawn Cox is the Director of Golf at the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, CA. Too many times we get into situations where we are left with a “Fried Egg” lie in the bunker. The “Fried Egg” is when half of the ball is fully engulfed by the sand and the other half is out of the sand. This lie is extremely tough to get out of, especially when you have an uphill or downhill angle.



The biggest problem with this lie is getting the ball to stop on the green. A lie like this can cause a lot of “run” because there is not a lot of ball to work with to create spin. Using the “recoil” shot from Shawn Cox is a method that deadens the ball so it has a chance to stop. Essentially, we are making the ball “float” out of the bunker instead of your regular bunker shot.

Check out the video above to learn exactly how to hit the “recoil” shot for a “Fried Egg” lie. He has other ways of getting out of the bunker, so make sure you check it out!

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