We learn a great drill from top golf instructor Scott Munroe called the two tee drill. This drill is designed to help you create that pendulum like motion in your putting stroke. PGA Golf Instructor Scott Munroe is well-known and respected in the golf industry for over 35 years. He started as a top Amateur, College golfer, and progressed to become a Tour Professional on the Australian PGA Tour.

Early on, he became known as the “start-up man”. He started golf schools and academies for Jack Nicklaus in Australia, Jim Flick at the Nicklaus Flick Golf Schools at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Mike Adams and Hank Haney. He helped develop the ESPN golf schools at Harborside International in Chicago, Illinois, Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine and Boca Raton Resort and Club in Boca Raton, Florida.

Benefits of the Two Tee Drill

The two tee drill is beneficial for golfers who have been trying to take the putter back short and accelerate. Munroe explains that the drill can help golfers get more of a pendulum-like motion. He also explains that great putters swing the putter back and drop it on the ball, and that the momentum and weight of the putter will go forward.

Munroe emphasizes that golfers should not try to accelerate the putter, but rather should stroke it back and drop it on the ball. He suggests that golfers do this drill for a while to improve their putting.


The two tee drill is a great way for golfers to improve their putting. By following the steps outlined by Scott Munroe, golfers can get a penalty motion and a pendulum-like motion. Munroe suggests that golfers do the drill for a while to improve their putting.



  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America
  • Director of Golf at PX3 Sports Science
  • Director of Golf at Jack Nicklaus Golf Schools in Australia
  • Teaching Professional at Nantucket GC
  • Top 25 Golf Instructor with ESPN
  • Created training & instructional programs for Nicklaus Flick instructors
  • Director of Instruction PGA National Academy
  • Director of Instruction at Adios Golf Club
  • Featured instructor & contributing author in Golf Magazine
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