Golf life gets a great golf tip from Top Teacher Jon Tattersall. He talks about the importance of the downswing and what starts that part of your swing. It could be different based on your body type. Not everybody has the lower body start the swing, but not everybody has the arms start the swing. He breaks it down for us and gives you some tools you can take with you and practice on your own.


  • Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Board Member
  • Georgia PGA Teacher of the year 2014
  • Georigia PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year 2012
  • GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher 2007 -2014
  • Golf Digest’s Teacher by State list 2004 -2014

Downswing and Speed

Jon Tattersall explains that when starting the downswing, it is important to get a good stretch at the top of the backswing and then feel like the arms are moving downward into the golf ball. This will help the lower body to stay underneath you and the golf club to move around you. He suggests hitting some shots and feeling like you are taking it to the top and getting the golf club to go.

Tattersall emphasizes that the golf ball only knows what you did to it with the golf club. To get the golf ball to fly, it is important to get the golf club swinging with speed and deliver it down the line into the golf ball. He suggests feeling as though your feet are pretty flat on the floor and then getting the golf club moving around you. He explains that it is very easy to get the lower body moving and not move the golf club, so it is important to make the golf club move quickly and down the line into the golf ball.


By following Jon Tattersall’s advice, you can help to get the golf club swinging with speed and deliver it down the line into the golf ball. This will give you good compression and good speed, which is necessary for great golf shots. With practice, you can transition from the top of the backswing into impact with ease.


Jon Tattersall grew up over the pond in England before coming to the U.S. and starting his golf career at the CCNC in 1988. He worked for PGA Member, legendary Buck Adams and learned from Harvie Ward. Pretty soon, Jon would become the Head Golf Pro at Landfall Country Club in Wilmington, NC and then in 1998 opened his first academy in Atlanta, GA with Top 100 Teacher Gary Smith.

In 2007 Jon and Todd Townes opened Fusion ATL in Atlanta, GA where they specialize in athletic golf performance which includes physical therapists, strength coaches, stretch therapists, massage therapists, and 3D motion analysis for your swing and putting stroke.

Jon has worked with some of the top PGA Tour,, LPGA and European Tour players.

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