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Robo Golf Pro is the first and only swing training system that allows you to feel your ideal swing, pitch, chip and putt. The Robo Golf Pro is perfect for all golfers, amateur’s and professionals! When you get a lesson on the Robo Golf Pro, you are going to feel what a perfect swing should be based on your body type. The Robot then takes your through the motion of that swing so your muscle memory kicks in. Once you go through your motion a few times, it’s time to hit the range and let the movements that the Robot kick in.

Alissa meets up with CEO Scot Nei for a lesson at Omni La Costa!


What to expect from a lesson

Scott began by explaining that the lesson would start with fun before technology. Alissa then used the Robo Golf Pro to see what happens after using robo gunfire.

Dr. Scott Lynn from Swing Catalyst then took a look at Alissa’s pressure traces to help better understand how they could program the Robo Golf Pro to address her swing flaws.

Analyzing the data

Scott explained that the data showed how Alissa was interacting with the ground. He noticed that her pressure was slightly less, which may lead to an over the top swing. He also noticed that she had a little too much sway in my golf swing.

Perfect model swing

Scott then programmed the Robo Golf Pro with what he calls the perfect model swing. This allows Alissa to train her swing inside and under the swing plane while learning to roll the club face through impact.


In a regular session, Scott recommends doing a few reps on the robot to get the most out of the lesson. He also recommends creating opposites to get to a middle ground.

Tracing the robot

Alissa also loved the drill where she used her own club to trace or follow the robot through the swing path. This drill helps to create the opposite feeling and allows Alissa to master the swing.



Overall, we could see how people could make big jumps in their game very quickly with the Robo Golf Pro and Swing Catalyst. It can help you realize areas that need to improve in your swing quickly and accurately.

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