One of the coolest golfers in the industry is a young boy who lives in the UK, Leo Boniface. On social media he goes by the name Leo the Kid Golfer and he’s kind of a big deal. When he’s not doing amazing trick shots with his Father, Lester Boniface, he’s out winning junior tournaments consistently. You’ve probably seen him on social media doing trick shots like chipping in from the bunker or doing the flop shot over his Dad’s head. Leo is just a kid who loves golf and wants to continue to get better at his craft any chance he can.

We sat down with Leo Boniface and his Father to learn more about his Golf Life, how it all got started and what’s next fore Leo in Golf!

Learning Golf

Leo’s dad, Lester, was the one who introduced him to golf. He took Leo to the range and let him hit some balls. Leo quickly fell in love with the sport and hasn’t looked back since.

Why Golf?

Lester used to play soccer, but he stopped loving it. When Leo was old enough, Lester decided to take him to the range and see if he liked golf. It turns out Leo was pretty good at it.


At the age of four, Leo was already playing nine holes. By the time he was five, he had a free membership and was already cutting some golf. At six years old, he started competing in tournaments. His first competition was a world championship qualifier, where he placed third.

In 2014, Leo and Lester went to San Diego for the IMG Junior Worlds. It was a great experience for them both. That’s when Lester knew Leo was ready for bigger competitions.

Trick Shots

If you go to Leo’s Instagram page, you’ll see a lot of great golf content, specifically trick shots. Leo and Lester come up with the ideas together, or they get inspiration from other trick shots they see on social media. One trick shot that Leo is particularly good at is the flop shot. He learned it quickly by watching film.



Leo the Kid Golfer is an impressive young golfer with a bright future ahead of him. He’s already achieved a lot in his short career and is sure to continue to impress. We encourage everyone to check out Leo’s Instagram page and follow his journey.

We’d like to thank Leo and Lester for joining us here on Golf Life and sharing their story.

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