Tisha Alyn is all things golf and social media. She is a social media superstar, a content creator, a broadcast personality, an entertainer and a fashionista among other things she excels at. Not only does she have a knack for golf, she has also found her niche on social media creating content for some of the biggest brands in the industry. Her journey began at the age of three when her dad introduced her to golf. He would take her to the range when we went and from then on, there was nothing but a golf club in her hand.

At seven years old she started competing in both dance and golf. At 11 years old she started to really take golf seriously and played in high school, eventually getting a full scholarship to Cal State-Fullerton.

We had the pleasure of hosting Tisha Alyn at Omni La Costa to learn more about her Golf Life and asked her the tough questions!

How Golf Has Impacted Tisha’s Life

When asked how golf has impacted her life, Tisha said, “It has impacted my life, I think in so many ways. It like truly has made me who I am and I’m very, very grateful for the game. I think it’s I mean, just golf in itself teaches you so much about like life, you know, And now seeing where I am now, it’s impacted me so much because it’s truly what I love. It’s what I do. And I made my passion, my job, and that’s everything to me.”

The Future of Golf for Women

Tisha Alyn talks about how golf is evolving to include more than just men as a primary focus.  She explains that when she was a junior golfer she wore khakis and a men’s shirt.  There wasn’t as much inclusion with the game and styles of the game. But now more and more women have been getting into the sport.


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