One of the best stories in golf is the story about Brandon Canesi. Brandon Canesi, also known as @hole__high on social media, was born without hands and has turned himself into a social media personality that is thriving in the world of golf. Born without hands, Brandon needed to find a way to play the game of golf. When he was younger, he would go to the range with family and the only way he could swing the club was to put the shaft underneath his armpit. Fast forward a few years into the future and he has created and developed his own golf club that allows him to swing with is full body.

Brandon is not just a great golfer, he is an inspiration to all those who physically and mentally challenged. He continues to defy the odds and shows everyone that you can do anything that you put your mind too.

We sat down with Brandon to learn more about his Golf Life, how it all got started and what we would like to continue to do in the world of golf.

Brandon’s Favorite Part About Golf

Brandon’s favorite part about golf is that it’s him versus himself. No matter what physical or mental limitations he has, it’s him versus the ball and club and he has to hit it where he needs to.

Advice for Those with Disabilities

Brandon’s advice to those with physical or mental disabilities is to stick with it, adapt, and overcome their limitations. He encourages them to have an open mind, patience, and be willing to grind it out to find a way to play the game of golf.


Brandon Canesi is an inspiring golfer who has overcome his physical limitations to play the game he loves. He encourages those with disabilities to find a way to play golf and to have patience and an open mind. We encourage everyone to check out Brandon’s content on social media.  Brandon is a participant in the adaptive open and continues to create awesome golf content on social media.

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