Top Performing Irons (Argolf & Ben Hogan)


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There comes a time in a golfer’s life when the irons he/she is playing just don’t cut it anymore. For many of us, that problem arises in the middle of the golf season – the dog days of summer! Problems with your irons could be caused by a couple of things. The first thing is consistency. Are you inconsistent with your ball flight? Center Contact? Maybe it’s your distance. The second thing is your swing. Have you gone through a swing change? Are you focusing on getting the ball in the air or keeping it low to the ground when you are in the middle of the fairway. There are plenty of golf coaches in the world that can help you get back on track, but one of the easiest and most important parts of your game are your irons. A new set of irons, tailored to how you want to play, can be the difference. We took two very reliable golf club companies and put them to the test on the turf and the simulator to see the difference between irons we have been playing for year.

Argolf and Ben Hogan are two companies in the club manufacturing business that are finding success with the customer, not because of the name, but by the performance. There are two of the top performing irons on the market today (compared to the large manufacturers) and they can be shipped directly to your home of office in a matter of days! These are findings we found when hitting both of these irons.