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SkyTrak Golf has created a dynamic and efficient launch monitor that you can double as your own personal swing studio. SkyTrak and set up us with a brand new swing studio in our office that you can duplicate in your home, office or garage with ease. SkyTrak is your own personal launch monitor that delivers instant (3D) shot analysis and ball flight data. Now, you can practice like a pro on your own or at the range with the very best technology. What SkyTrak did with their launch monitor is brilliant because the created a system that the average golfer can understand. A lot of “launch monitor” companies build their system with robust data points and information we as golf community just doesn’t understand. SkyTrak has found a way to present you with information that is simple so you can take the data and run with it …BUT if you want more information, they have that as well! is your one-stop-shop to all hitting mats, nets and enclosures just like the one we had built in our office. They are the leaders in building simple, easy and mobile hitting bays so you can work on your game in the office, at home or in your garage. With our enclosure, it doubles as a putting green so you can work on your putting and hitting all in one place. From start to finish, it took us about 3 hours to set up the enclosure and technology. What is great about is that it’s not permanent. If you want to move locations you can and with their instruction manual and customer service team, anyone can put together an enclosure just like this!