Phat Scooters has been the leader in the single rider revolution and they continue to grow into an electric scooter empire. Within about a year, the team has out grown their headquarters and now moved into an impressive 48,000 sqft warehouse where they will be able to fufill all six lines of scooters they offer.

With this space, they will be doing everything under one roof. They will of course have the ability to build scooters everyday in their production line, but they now have everything in the same space. Phat Scooters has been know to not only make high quality, AMERICAN MADE, scooters for any occasion, but they are also create amazing custom-made finishes. Their design team are on-sight to bring you the best designs and custom work available. The sales teams, marketing teams and social media teams are also on sight to bring you the very best of Phat Scooters.

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HD GOLF – Featuring a 1500 watt motor with increased torque, tires to get you through any situation and plenty more to turn heads on the golf course.

CADDIE – The Caddie Scooters is perfect for those who want to share a caddie. Built with a two bag setup, you will be able to easily manage your gear and focus on your game. The caddies and the players will experience a more effecient and safer round of golf.

F&B DELIVERY – Designed to sell food and beverages on the golf course. You can customize this vehicle in several areas. These also work great in the city for food deliveries around town.

MAINTENANCE – This unique tow cart are perfect for supers at every golf course. With the ability to carry everything your maintenance team needs, your course will look impeccable with less wear and tear.

PHAT PHLEX – The Phlex brings a whole new meaning to small but powerful. These unique vehicles are light enought to transport in your car and perfect to get around the city or campus.