Lesley Atkins is a Scottish golfer and an up-and-coming social media star who loves the game of golf. We met Lesley Atkins a few months ago and wanted to hear her story of how she got into golf, what her golf background is and where she thinks the game of golf is for women.

As a young child, Lesley always went to the range and course with her siblings. One day, her mom signed her up for a golf clinic, but it wasn’t a golf clinic…it was an actual tournament. Having only been to the range with her siblings and no real guidance when it came to the golf swing, she went on and won the tournament and advanced to the next round. She won that.

When it was all said and done, she earned a spot on the Scottish national team for the Kids World Championship in the U.S. From there, she grabbed onto golf and never let go. She earned a scholarship to ULM (Louisiana Monroe) and had a fantastic college career. Now she is creating content, competing and playing golf almost every day!

The State of Women’s Golf

When asked about the current state of women’s golf, Lesley Atkins believes that it is getting better. She notes that more women are watching and playing golf, but there is still a lot of work to be done to get more girls and women involved in the sport.

Advice for Young Girls

Lesley’s advice to young girls who are just starting out in golf is to have fun and enjoy the game. She also emphasizes the importance of working hard and not getting discouraged by bad days.



Lesley Atkins is an inspiring professional golfer who has had a unique journey to the sport. She offers valuable advice to young girls who are just starting out in golf and encourages them to have fun and work hard. To learn more about Lesley, follow her on Instagram.

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