1-Club Challenge

Alissa Kacar, also known as NewLadyGolfer, takes her friends out to Santaluz Golf Club in San Diego, CA to do the 1-Club Challenge. The 1-Club Challenge is simple. Each member of the group picks a card with a club on it. Whichever club you get, you have to play the entire hole with it, including putting. Alissa, Stephania and Sofia try it out!

Golf Challenges

Playing golf while adding fun challenges like this is a good way to change things up and enjoy new ways to play.  In a 1-Club Challenge like this it also allows you to use a club in many different ways that you normally wouldn’t think of. Try it out like Alissa Kacar, Sofia Arthur, and Stephania Ochs did in this challenge.



Alissa Kacar

Sofia Arthur

Stephania Ochs

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