Keith Rogers shares a tip to help from rolling your hands in the golf swing.  If you’re a golfer, you know that rolling your hands back can open the club face too much and set the club too deep behind you, resulting in an over the top move. To help you eliminate this issue, Keith Rogers shares a tip from Jim McLain that can help you keep your hands quiet during the golf swing.

Keith Rogers

Throughout the years, Keith Rogers has been mentored by the legendary golf instructor Jim Mclean. Always a student of the game, Rogers learned a lot of useful information that he passes onto his students today at the Jim Mclean Golf Academy located at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, CO. Over the past 14 years, he has committed his time to studying the worlds best instructors and it has allowed him the ability to teach in a new and exciting way!

The Belly Button Drill

The belly button drill is a simple drill that Keith Rogers is a big fan of from Jim Mclean. All you have to do is bury the club in your belly button and rotate your shoulders to the right. You’ll notice that there is no rolling of the hands involved, and it sets the club and club face in a perfect position.

Keith Rogers also shows you can take this drill one step further by rotating back, checking your position at the halfway back, adding your hinge and dropping back down through not allowing the butt end of the club to return to your belly button. This will keep the shaft moving, with the hands always leading the way through the golf swing.


More About Jim Mclean Golf Academy

The Jim McLean Golf Academy is one of the best golf schools in the world. With academies in places like South Korea, Spain, Mexico and of course the U.S., they are creating golfers in a system that is unique and full of creativity.

Everybody is built differently, so there are a lot of different ways to make a golf swing and play golf and do it well. But we keep in mind basic fundamentals: body motion and club action. In our teaching method, you can do it your own way as long as you stay within the parameters or limits where we find good players who have been able to do it very well.

For a lot of students, rolling the hands at takeaway is a common mistake that Rogers sees. He shows us a simple drill that you can do on the range to help create a consistent takeaway that will make you a better ball striker and be more successful out on the golf course!


The belly button drill is a great way to help you keep your hands quiet during the golf swing and eliminate the issue of rolling your hands back. If you want to learn more about Jim McLain and his golf school, you can visit his website or visit the golf school in Denver.

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