When it comes to the golf swing, John Miller has a unique way of teaching it. You don’t have to be so “precise with it”, but rather, let your body naturally do what it does. Too many people get fixated on having to put the club head or the shaft in a specific spot during the backswing. That’s all fine and great until you body won’t allow that movement to happen. Let your body get to where you want it to go and then your shoulders will turn themselves. Check out this golf lesson from John Miller (formerly the Director of Golf at the Reserve Club).



John Miller doesn’t like the word “SWING”. Using the word “swing” makes people go too slow on the backswing. Miller would rather you use “Throw”. By throwing the club back allows you to create a nice rhythm and timing, but at the same time keeps your arms and hands relaxed. If you throw the club to the right shoulder, you are now getting your club to go in an area rather than a specific location.

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