John Miller, the former Director of Instruction at the the Reserve Club in Palm Springs, CA gives us a game management lesson out on the course. For John, the biggest thing is to taking a good look at the landscape before you hit. Don’t just get up there and hit the golf ball without a plan. Understand where you need to put the golf ball, understand where your best play is for your second shot and execute that shot! Most of the time, the problem is not your golf swing…the problem lies in where you aim and what you want your second shot to be. John goes out with Colton Little on the three practice holes at The Reserve Club to teach him some game management that could help your game too!

John Miller and Throwing the Club

John Miller doesn’t like the word “SWING”. Using the word “swing” makes people go too slow on the backswing. Miller would rather you use “Throw”. By throwing the club back allows you to create a nice rhythm and timing, but at the same time keeps your arms and hands relaxed. If you throw the club to the right shoulder, you are now getting your club to go in an area rather than a specific location.




  • 21 beautiful golf holes that offers panoramic views of the Coachella Valley
  • Unparalleled privacy and natural beauty
  • Preservating the sensitive desery ecosystem and water conservation
  • Fitness & Wellness Center along with Dining @ the Lakehouse!
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