In this article, we will be discussing Jim Furyk’s technique for executing a lob shot in golf. The lob shot is a crucial skill to have in your arsenal, especially when faced with challenging situations such as being in the rough or having limited green to work with. Jim Furyk, a professional golfer known for his unique swing, provides valuable insights on how to successfully execute this shot.

Adjusting for Different Lies

In the rough, the lie of the ball can vary. If the ball is sitting up in the rough, Furyk advises positioning your landing area as close to the edge of the green as possible. This will allow for a better chance of getting the ball onto the green. In this situation, Furyk suggests playing the ball forward in your stance and sweeping it out of the grass. By doing so, you can avoid hitting the ball high on the face.

On the other hand, if the ball is sitting down in the rough, Furyk recommends adjusting your setup. He suggests moving the ball back in your stance and opening the club face. This will naturally make your swing steeper, allowing you to dig the ball out of a bad lie. It is important to note that when faced with a bad lie, a steeper swing is necessary to overcome the challenges posed by the rough.

The Importance of Follow Through

Throughout his instruction, Furyk emphasizes the importance of completing your follow through. It is crucial not to quit on your swing, as this can cause the club to decelerate and result in an inaccurate shot. By maintaining a smooth and complete follow through, you can ensure that your club speed remains consistent and your shot is more likely to be on target.



Executing a lob shot in golf can be challenging, especially when faced with difficult lies in the rough. However, by following Jim Furyk’s advice, you can improve your chances of successfully getting the ball onto the green. Remember to assess the lie of the ball, adjust your setup accordingly, and focus on completing your follow through. With practice and patience, you can master the lob shot and add another valuable skill to your golf game.

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