Golf Life is the best damn golf show for the past 23 seasons airing across the US on Bally Sports, AT&T Sports Net and other sports channels to 94 million sports TV subscribers.  This is the complete episode of the Golf Life Fall 2022 Special.  We are joined by top golf teacher and former playing professional Sam Cyr.  He provides host Alissa Kacar a golf lesson on uneven lies and discusses his background as a player and golf coach.

We also visit Americas Golf Festival, one of the most popular scramble golf tournaments of the year from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Plus we review the Honma Beres Black and Aizu Irons and the Zero Friction Wheel Pro Pushcart.  We also get some instruction and advice on how to use reference lines to review video of your golf swing using the V1 Golf App.

Golf Life will bring you golf stories, top golf teachers, and overall golf entertainment. Catch the show on one of the provided streaming services!


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